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RE: roles and multiple bodies

From: Denenberg, Ray <rden@loc.gov>
Date: Wed, 5 Aug 2015 09:53:40 -0400
To: "'Web Annotation'" <public-annotation@w3.org>
Message-ID: <0EEF938438DEF843A0AAAC358E4A987402B0411D@LCXCLMB03.LCDS.LOC.GOV>
 From: jgjett@gmail.com [mailto:jgjett@gmail.com] On Behalf Of Jacob Jett
> So the triples would become:
> <anno1> hasRoleAssignment <URI>
> <URI> for <anno1>
> <URI> role <role1>
> <URI> assignedTo <body1>

Here is how I see it. When the annotation is first created, where you have <URI>, it could instead be a blank node:

 <anno1> hasRoleAssignment   _bnode1.

_bnode1 for <anno1> ;
 _bnode1 role <role1> ;
 _bnode1assignedTo <body1> . 

When the server processes the annotation  it might convert that blank node to a reusable resource:

<uri>   a       RoleAssignment ;
           for     <anno1> ;
 <uri> role    <role1> ;
 <uri>            assignedTo <body1> .

This resource bears no connection to anno1, without the "for <anno1>";  you would have:

<uri>   a       RoleAssignment ;
<uri> role    <role1> ;
 <uri>            assignedTo <body1> .

.... the assertion that the role of <body1> is <role1>, independent of annotation.


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