Re: Data Model Assumptions

Doug, I am with what you say. I think it is important to side with you
to get more clarity :)

For example, the simplicity of JSON pointer is not used in any of our examples
and its getting clearer to me now that as many here think about LD
first and RDF next
from earlier involvement in those issues we likely have avoided simple
JSON description of examples.

To have an object structure but not be able to take for granted that
we have a pointer to (any) part of it maybe should first caution us
that maybe JSON-LD is being adopted a bit early. It would be great to
have examples in JSON first and then worry about LD / serialization.

In addition to what you list out, I think we also want extendibility
to be a developer need.
Basically, a developer's realization needs to conform but very likely
also extend the data model.
Conceptually even something like "inheritance":
data-model-copy-edit-use = copy-edit-use extends data-model


Received on Tuesday, 18 August 2015 14:38:09 UTC