Re: [web-annotation] Publish a temporary testing JSON-LD context doc for use with JSON-LD Playground (etc)

> On 26 Aug 2015, at 17:00 , BigBlueHat <> 
> While working on the Roles note I wanted to test the JSON-LD 
examples in the playground, however, the context referenced 
( in the examples in that document 
lack the new bits to make the examples actually "work."
> I'd like us to consider hosting a testing-friendly JSON-LD context 
in this repo OR at least providing an @context object (as an appendix)
 for inclusion when testing.

Better. The original of the context file *is* on the repo:

I only pull this from the repo and move it, through CVS, to the W3C 
space. I see no problem if you test the context file (probably better 
to do it on a separate branch, though).

However… there might be CORS problems. Playground did not work at 
first; I had to set the CORS access manually on the W3C site. I am not
 sure whether github has that.


> Would be helpful.
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