RE: Basic Roles Proposal

Hi Rob,

I have two things I would like to clarify.

3.1.8 Literal Bodies Cannot Have Roles
Can I think “language” in this description points to dc:language which is delivered from @context, and it is still possible to set @language to body?
I would like to make sure whether the simple literal body prohibits even having native properties in each serialization format, such as @language in JSON-LD and “LANGTAG” (@en, for example) in Turtle, or not.

3.1.7 Multiple Targets with Roles Example
I think this is an editorial issue. I can see ”lit” prefixes in the examples, but what it stands for is not described. Will it be fixed?

Takeshi Kanai

From: Robert Sanderson []
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Subject: CFC: Basic Roles Proposal

Dear all,

This is a Call for Consensus (CfC) to update the working group's Annotation Model deliverable according to the changes specified in section 3.1 of this document:

Please respond to this CfC by the 1st of September 2015.  Any response is valuable, even just a simple +1.  Silence will be considered as agreement.  This CfC will complete the process discussed in last week's teleconference.

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