Re: Multiplicity and Roles

Hi Tim,

On Mon, Aug 24, 2015 at 12:54 PM, Timothy Cole <> wrote:
> The individual items or members of the set are not meant to be understood
> in the context of the annotation independently, or why would you put them
> in Composite or List.  While the resources in the set may have roles within
> the set, it is the role of the set as a whole in the annotation that is
> expressed using oa:hasRole.

So I think we only need to worry about whether the role is assigned
> directly to the Choice, Composite, List instance or whether role is
> assigned to the Choice, Composite, List instance via a SpecificResource
> that has the multiplicity class instance as its content/source.

To be clear, meaning that we don't need to consider per-resource roles
within the Composite or List?  And hence it's just the same as Choice?

I think that makes sense.  Does anyone have an example use case that would
require this?


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