Re: [web-annotation] Dropping type from ... what?

-0.5 for the current SHOULD for dctypes (Dataset, Image, MovingImage, 
Sound, Text), section 3.2.2 (if this is what you meant in your 6th 
bullet). In my experience, those tasked with providing the dctype will
 get it wrong a surprising amount of the time (hence need for the 
caveat about when not to use Text). Additionally, these days, dctypes 
like Image and Text are not actionable and so not helpful, e.g., quite
 likely I will want to treat gif, jp2, svg (all Image) bodies each 
differently in my application, so even if you tell me its Image, I'm 
going to have to check before doing anything. Often you really need 
format (i.e., MIME type) at least to really act on the information 
(even this not always enough), and if I have format than dctype is 
unnecessary. While intuitively some information about the nature of a 
body or target may seem better than none, often I find that it just 
encourages questionable assumptions. We can't (and shouldn't) 
discourage the use of dctype, but neither should we recommend it. My 

Otherwise +1 for the rest of your list and your conclusion. 

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