Agenda: Web Annotation Teleconference 5 August 2015

Agenda - Web Annotation WG teleconference 5 August 2015

Logistics: IRC #annotation;

WebEx via computer:
or direct dial in: +1-617-324-0000, Access code: 645 413 954

We will continue to use zakim to manage the queue, see notes in the wiki:

1. Agenda Review, Scribe Selection, Announcements

String Matching and Searching draft is now available, (Ivan)

Note that RangeFinder is joint deliverable with WebApps so we should plan of CfC for FPWD in both groups as well as heads up re timing

2 Minutes Approval

proposed RESOLUTION: Minutes from 22 July approved,


Review of attendance, plans for dial-in access. 

reopen questionnaire?

action to complete TPAC audio-visual request form

4 Data Model and JSON -

Multiple bodies 

5 Data Model Issue Review

6  Other Business

7  Adjourn

regards, Frederick & Rob

Frederick Hirsch
Co-Chair, W3C Web Annotation WG

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