[web-annotation] Dropping type from ... what?

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== Dropping type from ... what? ==

While dropping boilerplate content that just states something that is 
necessarily true is always good to get rid of, which types can we drop
 and which must we retain?

I propose:
* Keep Annotation so that systems can know that that it's an 
annotation at all!
* Drop SpecificResource, especially if it's the only valid object of 
hasBody / hasTarget
* Drop EmbeddedContent and use a specific property rather than 
rdf:value, such as oa:text
* Keep Selector, State, Style and Multiplicity subclasses, as knowing 
what sort of thing it is determines how the client will process it. 
Also, it provides flexibility for extension, where further communities
 can feel secure in creating new types.
* Keep the distinction between human, organization and software 
* Keep the difference between an Image and a Video so that clients how
 how to render the resource, even if the Annotation doesn't give a 
specific format (which may not be known, and may not be important to 
capture. Is it a jpg or a png? The client doesn't care, it's going to 
put it in an <img> tag regardless)
* Tag and SemanticTag will go away anyway.

And thus at the end of the list ... it seems like type is actually 
reasonably important to keep around?

See https://github.com/w3c/web-annotation/issues/67

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