Re: [web-annotation] Should we systematically use typing in the model (and in the examples)?

It is a matter of balance. There may be cases where the type 
information is really important (eg, your choice vs. list), but asking
 to have it systematically even for obvious cases (like an annotation)
 makes all the data and examples look more complex than necessary. 

As far as I can see JSON programmers are pretty much used to a kind of
 a "top-down" approach whereby they start from an object (the 
annotation), look at the various properties and then they drill down 
to values serving as, in some cases, new objects. In other words, the 
program knows about the 'context' (in the loose sense of the word), 
ie, the type information may be ignored. That is of course different 
from the Linked Data vision where each triple can be seen and 
considered in isolation; the question is where the 80/20 cut it for 
our constituency...

I may be wrong in that; I guess the implementers in our midst should 
tell us whether the type information is indeed useful or not...

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