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(Trying to have) improved the multi-body example wiki page

-1 to Multiple JSON serializations

@context file

[admin] Welcome to the Web Annotation WG

[Agenda] Web Annotation Teleconference 19 August 2015

[model] Clarifying annotation architecture


[note] Web Annotation Data Model

[note] Web Annotation Protocol

[web-annotation] avoid constraining HTTP

[web-annotation] Dropping type from ... what?

[web-annotation] format in the model for Embeded Textual Body?

[web-annotation] is, has and alike are implied

[web-annotation] Keeping the OA ontology up to date

[web-annotation] Made the changes on the JSON LD context

[web-annotation] Newline escaping in embedded content

[web-annotation] PROV-O Mapping

[web-annotation] Publish a temporary testing JSON-LD context doc for use with JSON-LD Playground (etc)

[web-annotation] Remove "dereference" requirements from the Model

[web-annotation] Should we systematically use typing in the model (and in the examples)?

[web-annotation] The spec status of the roles' document set to 'base'

Agenda: Web Annotation Teleconference 12 August 2015

Agenda: Web Annotation Teleconference 5 August 2015

Annotate same text fragment.

Basic Roles Proposal

CFC: Basic Roles Proposal

CFC: Basic Roles Proposal text vs. url as a default

Closed: [web-annotation] format in the model for Embeded Textual Body?

comments on the multiple body scenarios wiki page

Data Model Assumptions

Draft minutes 15 July 2015 teleconference

Draft Minutes from teleconference 22 July 2015

Ezra Klein (and Vox) Need Web Annotations!

Fwd: Anyone can say anything about anything

Fwd: Data Quality Vocabulary - feedback welcome!

Fwd: TPAC 2015, Sapporo, Japan - Reminder to Register

FYI: String Matching and Searching draft is now available

JSON-LD Context

JSON-LD serialization and linked data support

Just for completeness: multi-body annotations in named graphs

Meeting minutes 2015-08-19

Meeting minutes, 2015-08-05

Minutes of meeting 2015-8-12

Motivation as Property or Value

Motivation as Property or Value (was: CFC: Basic Roles Proposal)

Multiple bodies v. multiple annotations: annotating a base annotation

Multiplicity and Roles

My thoughts on the multi-body alternatives (as shown on Tim's wiki page)

Plans to attend TPAC - please complete questionnaire

Regrets in advance 8/19&26

roles and multiple bodies

Roles Proposals

Roles, multiple bodies, and creating wiki page of potential solution

TPAC 2015, Sapporo, Japan - Reminder to Register

updated minutes 2015-08-19

Web Annotations and ePub

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