[Agenda] Web Annotation Teleconference 19 August 2015


(logistics below)

Chair: Rob Sanderson
Regrets: Frederick Hirsch

1. Agenda Review, Scribe Selection, Announcements
    Volunteers to scribe are always appreciated.

2. Minutes Approval

proposed RESOLUTION: Minutes from 12 August approved,

3. TPAC Reminder to Register / Fill out Surveys

4.  Data Model: Roles  (25 mins)

We need to come to consensus on the Roles question and move on to other
topics.  I think we're closing in, but lets discuss the options in [1] for
20 minutes, and then spend 5 minutes crafting a Call for Consensus around
the option that the people on the call are happiest with.  The CFC would
run for two weeks until the next call, as August 26 is cancelled.

5.  Fundamentals: Abstract Model below that of /TR/annotation-model?  (25

The last call ended with some discussion of a pure JSON serialization that
was not JSON-LD.  We should decide whether there needs to be a model even
more abstract than /TR/annotation-model/, with one or more non Linked Data
serializations AND at the same time the translation of that abstract model
as per the current document.  Again, let's spend up to 20 minutes
discussing and 5 crafting a CFC for the same time period.

6.  AOB

7. Adjourn




IRC #annotation;

WebEx via computer:
or direct dial in: +1-617-324-0000, Access code: 645 413 954

We will continue to use zakim to manage the queue, see notes in the wiki:

Rob Sanderson
Information Standards Advocate
Digital Library Systems and Services
Stanford, CA 94305

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