Re: [web-annotation] format in the model for Embeded Textual Body?

Dr Dr, it hurts when I use literal bodies...
... Don't do that then :smile_cat: 

But regardless, "comment" can trivially be turned into {"value": 
"comment"} without expressing format or language.  I'm sure there'll 
be a lot of bodies that have neither, nor any other property or 
relationship.  As clients find the information valuable and will make 
decisions based on it, it believe it should be a SHOULD.  Note that 
any other relationship could be added to a body as well, such as 
creator or subject or license or whatever else.  We don't mention them
 in the model because (a) there's too many to discuss, (b) we'd be 
picking sides on things outside of our scope, and (c) clients are 
unlikely to make rendering decisions based on them.

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