Re: [web-annotation] is, has and alike are implied

1. The directionality of 'thing has something' is obvious I think, is 
it not? The *subject* is the one with the property. Are there any 
inverse properties in OA?

2. Capturing the directionality is done by terms being 
self-descriptive (e.g., domains, ranges), not based on the 
*human-readable* string. I hope that people are not relying on what 
the string's are on the terms but rather their actual definitions.

2. The use of `has` is not consistently carried out e.g., proposed 

I'm proposing this because I find the prefix unnecessary/cumbersome, 
unless someone can point me at the terms in which the direction is in 
other way around - happy to retract in that case. Failing that, I 
suggest to strive for more consistency on the directionality.

Naturally, the ontology is what matters and lives on. JSON-LD context 
is merely on the backdrop.

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