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[compositing-1] Next steps: CR or another LC?

[compositing-1] Normative section

[css shapes] Status of our comment I18N-ISSUE-274 [I18N-ACTION-272]

[css-background] Animating border-position

[css-break] another fragmentation question

[css-break] border-radius across fragmentation

[css-break] breaking inside padding

[css-break] Summary of issues/changes

[css-break][css-backgrounds] Sizing backgrounds across fragments

[css-break][css-transforms] transform on fragmented overflow

[css-color] . 12-Bit deep color support.

[css-color] Safari 7 is color-managing CSS colors?


[css-color][filter-effects] (was: Re: [filter-effects] Tainted filter primitives)

[css-compositing] Request to move Compositing and Blending spec to CR

[css-containment] ED of Containment ready for review (was overflow:clip)

[css-device-adapt] MSFT feedback on latest editor's draft

[css-display] Suggestion For Naming Box Property

[css-flexbox][css-grid] What is "white space"?

[css-grid] Computed value of grid-row/column-start/end

[css-grid] fixed-sized grid behavior with min/max-content tracks

[css-grid] grid-template-areas syntax

[css-grid] Issue tracking?

[css-grid] Matching of named lines/areas

[css-grid] proposal for repeat to take a third argument for jointure

[css-grip] Gutters with row-gap, column-gap, and border-spacing

[css-images] element() image use cases

[css-images][css-compositing] Blurring an element’s backdrop

[css-lists] Typo in CSS Lists and Counters list-style-image

[css-masking] 'mask-source-type' and 'mask-type'

[css-masking] 'mask-source-type' and 'mask-type' (was: Re: [css-masking] Comments)

[css-masking] clip-path with invalid url

[css-masking] clip-path with invalid url (was: Re: [css-masking] Comments)

[css-masking] clip-rule

[css-masking] clip-rule (was: Re: [css-masking] Comments)

[css-masking] Comments

[css-masking] editorial changes

[css-masking] editorial changes (was: Re: [css-masking] Comments)

[css-masking] editorial changes - spec update

[css-masking] reference boxes

[css-masking] reference boxes (was: Re: [css-masking] Comments)

[css-masking][css4-background][css-images] 9-part sliced images (was: [css4-background] 9-part slicing images in background-image)

[css-multicol] Breaks should be allowed to avoid floats

[css-om] Issues with width and resolution media queries

[css-position] Remove definition of 'clip' property

[css-regions] content/presentation separation, and regions as elements

[css-regions] Named flows and application development

[css-regions][css3-break] Handling content overflow out of its region range

[css-shapes] Last Call Working Draft published

[css-shapes] LC feedback

[css-shapes] LC feedback - auto versus none

[css-shapes] Optional radius arguments for ellipse shapes

[css-shapes][css-masking] <box>, <box+> and <box++>

[css-shapes][css-masking] Not specified basic shape

[css-snappoints] - JavaScript API/DOM events

[css-snappoints] Various issues

[css-syntax][css-variables] parsing a declaration should allow white space only values

[css-text-module]Line Breaking for Simple Chinese

[css-text] Confused about the White Space Processing Details in CSS Text Module Level 3

[css-transforms] computed style of 'transform' property

[css-transitions] simple list vs tuples

[css-transitions][css-background] Animating border-position

[css-ui] text-overflow: ellipsis and user agent tooltips

[css-values] interpolate() function

[css-variables] cycles involving a single variable

[css-variables] cyclic dependencies involving fallback

[css-variables] when validity of variable reference syntax is checked


[css-writing-modes] Features to make bidi almost automatic

[css3-background] A property to control background opacity

[css3-background] box-shadow spread rounding (was: [css3] box-shadow specification bug)

[css3-background] Distributing space for 'background-repeat: space'

[css3-break] ED 20130211 - minor editorial comments

[css3-break] Editorial comments

[css3-break] Empty fragmentainers

[css3-break] Force-breaking around floats

[css3-break] fragmentation and full screen elements

[css3-break] fragments vs boxes (what is a box?)

[css3-break] minor editorial nits

[css3-break] Summary of recent comments

[css3-break] What are break opportunities?

[css3-flexbox][css3-align] align-* properties

[css3-lists][css3-content] Proposal for styles inheritance on list markers (actually on :marker, :before and :after pseudo-elements)

[css3-text] anonymous inline of collapsible white space are *not* always removed

[cssom-view] Definition of svg layout box

[cssom-view][css-break] getBoundingClientRect and getClientRects on fragmentation

[cssom-views][css-device-adapt] Where to define initial viewport

[cssom] Serializing url values

[CSSWG] Minutes Telecon 2013-12-11

[CSSWG] Minutes Telecon 2013-12-18

[CSSWG][css-syntax] Last Call WD of CSS Syntax Module Level 3

[CSSWG][css-writing-modes] Last Call for Comments on CSS3 Writing Modes

[indie-ui-context] boolean media queries should probably use 1/0 values, not on/off

[mediaqueries4] zoom-ratio as a media feature

[OT] Feedback on CSS Branding?

[selectors4] feedback

[selectors] :sorted pseudoclass for sorted tables

[selectors][css3-ui][css-ui] Re: Please reinstate the ::selection spec

[svg][filter-effects][css-masking] objectBoundingBox/userSpaceOnUse in HTML

Agenda conf call 11-dec-2013

Agenda conf call 18-dec-2013

Agenda request - CSS Masking issues

Beginning of a spec on style batching/flushing?

Behavior of transform: rotate on <body> element.

CSS and spec fragmentation

Focus State on the Web

Item-Grids: Lists and Grids of fixed-size items

Nit picks on Writing Modes

Proposal: will-animate property

Resolution MQ and number of decimal points

status of I18N review of CSS Text [I18N-ACTION-273]

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