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Re: [css-shapes] LC feedback - auto versus none

From: Alan Stearns <stearns@adobe.com>
Date: Thu, 5 Dec 2013 16:49:49 -0800
To: www-style list <www-style@w3.org>
Message-ID: <CEC65B44.348F9%stearns@adobe.com>
On 12/5/13, 4:01 PM, "Sylvain Galineau" <galineau@adobe.com> wrote:

>6.1 The 'shape-outside' Property [3]
>Bikeshed: I am unsure about 'auto' being the best name for 'using the
>margin-box as normal', in part because one can also specify
>shape-outside: margin-box and the difference is not very obvious at first
>(in the latter case, the outer margin box boundary is affected by
>border-radius). Would 'none' be better?

The difference between the default margin box behavior (squared-off
corners always) and the margin-box behavior (rounded corners when
border-radius says so) is orthogonal to the name we pick for the no shape
value. I need to go through the draft and clarify the difference between
margin box and margin-box. It’s really too bad the <box> values don’t have
a better name to denote they take the rounded corner edges into account.
Could we actually change to something like margin-edge and deprecate the
*-box values?

I notice that clip-path uses none to mean no shape. I think auto was
initially used in Exclusions because we had both shape-inside and
shape-outside, and shape-outside applied to floats and exclusions. The no
shape scenarios for all of these had slightly different behavior. Now that
we’ve changed shape-inside:auto to not have a special meaning I’m not
against changing auto to none. But I’m not entirely convinced none is
significantly better.

So it’s either:

The meaning of shape-outside:auto is that the float area (or exclusion
area) uses its default behavior. It’s still a shape, it’s just that the
shape is determined by the float or exclusion behavior before
shape-outside was defined.


The meaning of shape-outside:none is that the float area (or exclusion
area) is not modified by an explicit shape.



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