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Re: [css-masking] editorial changes - spec update

From: Dirk Schulze <dschulze@adobe.com>
Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2013 16:02:27 +0000
To: fantasai <fantasai.lists@inkedblade.net>
CC: "www-style@w3.org" <www-style@w3.org>
Message-ID: <40EC44D7-883C-4A10-B687-2C657AE211A6@adobe.com>

I changed the specification text and think that the following suggestions were incorporated and the open issues can be closed now.

On Dec 11, 2013, at 11:46 AM, fantasai <fantasai.lists@inkedblade.net> wrote:

>   1. I'd like to see mask-type and the <mask> element given their
>      own top-level section. They're defining a mask source, not
>      a mask application, as the rest of the properties are.

I made mask-type and <mask> top-level sections.

Issue 10 [1]

>   2. Similarly, I'd like to see <clipPath> and 'clip-rule', which
>      (afaict) define a clip "source" given a separate top-level
>      section from 'clip' and 'clip-path', which define a clip path's
>      application.

I made <clipPath> and ‘clip-rule’ top-level sections.

Issue 11 [2]

>   3. Since 'mask' now is a shorthand for both layered masks and
>      box-image masks, it shouldn't be under the layered masks
>      section.

As discussed earlier in this thread, mask is mainly the shorthand for the other mask layer longhands and just happens to reset all mask-* properties. I left it in the mask layer section.

Issue 12 [3]

>   4. Layered Masks needs a new name, since at the moment we only
>      have one layer. :)

As discussed earlier in this thread, it is the intention of the editors to make mask a layered model. In the current version just one layer is supported. A note in the spec makes clear that this will change with the next level.

Issue 13 [4]

>   5. Would recommend shifting clipping above masking, since I'm
>      *guessing* we'd prefer people to clip if they can, then mask
>      if it's too complicated for clipping, not Mask All the Things.

I shifted the sections about clipping with the sections about masking.

Issue 14 [5]

>   6. Intro still needs work. Structure should probably be
>        - What is masking and clipping, and why do we care?
>          Focus first on their similarities, but also explain their
>          differences so we know which one we're interested in for which
>          applications.
>        - How to clip things with CSS
>        - More on Masking:
>            - More technical detail on masking, if needed
>            - How to mask things with CSS: what is CSS masking able to
>              do, and what features do I use to do it?

Still under discussion. (Issue 15 [6] status: open)

>   7. The terms local coordinate system, user coordinate system, and
>      object bounding box units are only used in the definition of
>      <mask>. They should be relegated to that section (or merely
>      referenced from SVG), not defined up front. The top terminology
>      section should be for definitions and concepts used throughout
>      the spec, that someone would need to know to understand random
>      sections they jump to once through the introductory sections.

Local coordinate system was indeed not used in this spec. I used the SVG for most other terms mainly used by SVG.
I kept the definition for "user coordinate system” since the definition of SVG 1.1 is extended. It is clarified how “user coordinate system” works on the CSS boxing model.

Issue 16 [7]

>   8. The use of 'mask source' and 'mask image' in the spec is confusing.
>      There need to be separate concepts for the mask introduced by the
>      background-inspired mask properties and by the border-image-inspired
>      mask properties. Once these concepts are named, defined, and
>      used consistently, we can have a clearer model for understanding
>      CSS masking.

Still under discussion: issue 17 [8] status: open

>   9. The definition of 'clipping path' in the Terminology section is
>      more confusing than helpful. Just <dfn> the first instance of
>      the term in the Clipping Paths section.
>      Similarly, I don't find the definition of 'mask source' here to
>      be helpful, and would remove it from Terminology.

I removed the term “clipping path” from the terminology section and used the definition within the text with <dfn>.

Issue 18 [9]

Still under discussion: issue 19 [10] status: open

>  10. # The usage of mask-box-image corresponds to the border-image property
>      # of CSS Background and Borders [CSS3BG].
>      Except that the image is used as a mask rather than rendered on
>      top of the background, right? :) You should say that up front.

I clarified that the image is sliced and scaled and the properties behave similar like border-image*, but that the image is used as a mask.

Issue 20 [11]

>  11. # Later versions of this specification may define new properties
>      # to enable fine-grained control over the interactions between
>      # hit testing and clipping.
>      This specification or whatever one ends up defining pointer-events,
>      I presume?

This was still a task from SVG. The CSS WG has no intention to work on this. I removed this sentence from the spec.

Issue 21 [12]

> Trivialities
> ------------
>   1. "are applied; these effects" -> use a period, start new sentence


Issue 22 [13]

>   2. "any other CSS effects such as border"... I think "CSS effects"
>      here is rather undefined. Can we be clearer what makes something
>      part of this class of effects?

Still under discussion: issue 23 [14] status: open

>   3. Lastly, there's a stray apostrophe after the Value line in
>      mask-source-type's propdef table. :)

Was fixed in ED already.

With your permission, fantasai, I would like to close the issues (not marked as open above) as resolved.


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