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06 March Minutes Available

09 Jan 2003 - WCAG WG Teleconference Minutes

15 Jan 2003 - WCAG Techniques Teleconference Minutes

16 Jan 2003 - WCAG WG Teleconference Minutes

20 Feb 2003 - WCAG WG Teleconference Minutes

27 Feb 2003 - WCAG WG Teleconference Minutes

4.1 Alternate 2

4.1 latest version

4.1 newest version

4.1 newest version -- resubmitted

4.1 with more edits

[Fwd: 4.1 with more edits]

[job] Web Accessibility Specialist for Europe

[TECH] I18N preread for tomorrow's techniques telecon

[TECH] Requirements for Techniques v0.3

[techs] checklists, relationships, schema

[techs] checklists, testing for conformance

[techs] CSS Techniques

[techs] FW: Radically new version of HTML Techniques

[techs] new draft of requirements for techniques published

[techs] proposal to replace use of "rules"

[techs] Re: Issues raised from Techniques teleconference

[techs] Re: Techniques For HTML Rough Draft

[techs] Request for high-priority HTML technique issues

[techs] Schema ideas (was Re: proposal to replace use of "rules")

[TECHS] Starting Point for Checklist Requirements

[techs] Summary of February 26 2003 teleconference

[techs] Summary of teleconference 26 March 2003

[techs] summary of today's techniques telecon

[TECHS] summary of yesterday's discussion

[techs] Techniques conference call postponed

[techs] Techniques requirements ready for TR

[techs] Techniques Requirements v0.5

[techs] Techniques telecon 12 February 2003

[techs] Techniques telecon 12 March 2003

[techs] Techniques telecon 21 Jan 2003

[techs] Techniques telecon 29 Jan 2003

[techs] Techniques telecon 5 Feb 2003

[techs] Techniques telecon February 19, 2003

[techs] Techniques telecon February 26, 2003

[techs] Techniques teleconference 2 April 2003

[techs] Techniques teleconference 26 March 2003

[techs] Technologies that don't support conformance (Re: Issues raised from Techniques teleconference)

[TECHS] Teleconference 15 January 2003

[TECHS] Teleconference 15 January 2003: passcode correction

[techs] test cases, test suites

[techs] testability (was Re: Issues raised from Techniques teleconference)

[techs] xmlspec dtd extensions, questions, comparison to old dtd

[w3c-wai-gl] <none>

A Dyslexic Perspective on e-Content Accessibility

Accessibility Review Tool

acronym in title...

Advertising meeting agendas


Agenda - 20 February 2003

Agenda - Regrets

Agenda, reading, and questions for tomorrow's call (and beyond)

Apologies - meeting cancelled Thurs

automatic language switching

Big issues (elephants) for discussion at CSUN face to face meeting

changes available (was: Re: [techs] Techniques requirements ready for TR)

character Input -- Checkpoint 2.1 (revisions from Jan 8 Telecon)

Checkpoint 2.1 (revisions from Feb 13 Telecon)

Checkpoint 2.1 (revisions from Jan 16 Telecon)

checkpoint 2.1 Ensure that all of the functionality of the content is operable through character input to the content or user agent.

Checkpoint 5.1

Checkpoint 5.2

Checkpoint 5.3

checkpoint 5.4

Checkpoint 5.4 and user agent dependencies

Checkpoints 5.3 and 5.4

Comments from Judy Harkins re: checkpoint 1.5

Comments on 4.1 (prior to telecon)


Conformance Claims and Logo

Custom User Interfaces

Device Independence

Emailing: wd-wcag2-tech.html

Glossary discussion at techincal plenary

Glossary discussion at Technical Plenary

How to make XML accessible without a style sheet.

iconnecthere.com tool for Teleconference

Issues raised from Techniques teleconference

Jan 23 Telecon Minutes

late arrival at today's meeting

List of lists -- good for checking our work

Lists in normative section

Meeting cancelled

Meeting Cancelled for today

Minutes of past meeting?

More detail added to next week's F2F agenda


New Draft

Next meeting

Notes on new take on Web Access and Guidelines

numbering proposal

Online audio streaming for teleconference

Partial regrets

Please register for 23 and 24 March F2F

Please review latest requirements draft before Wednesday, 22 January

please vote: possible CSUN F2F dates

Published: Requirements for WCAG 2.0 Techniques and Checklists

RE numbering proposal

Redraft of 5.3

Registration still open (briefly) for WAI IG meeting following CSUN 2003



Regrets about not sending regrets

Regrets for this morning

regrets for Thurs call

Regrets for today

Regrets: Techniques telecon

reminder: register and book hotel rooms for technical plenary before 1 February

Request for volunteers

Request to Join

Summary of Technical Plenary 4 March 2003


Techniques For HTML Rough Draft

Techniques requirements: focus on [less microscopic] *patterns* of practice

Techniques telecon confirmed

Techniques work


The internet: A useful tool for teaching children with SLD?


Today's Minutes

TR Checkpoint 1.4

TR Checkpoint 5.3

TR Checkpoint 5.4 - User Interfaces

UK plain English rules

Upcoming F2F meetings

Upcoming F2F meetings: remember to register!

Updated: Requirements for WCAG 2.0 Checklists and Techniques

Use cases Re: Re[2]: FW: acronym in title...

voting on csun dates: please send private mail to me

W3C Weekly News - 10 February 2003

W3C Weekly News - 15 January 2003

W3C Weekly News - 18 February 2003

W3C Weekly News - 24 February 2003

W3C Weekly News - 31 January 2003

WAI and italian law :)

WCAG 01 for legacy pages and WCAG 02 for new content.

WCAG 1.0 Conformance Logo: italian version

WCAG 2.0 internal draft


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