RE: [techs] Schema ideas (was Re: proposal to replace use of "rules")

As a further remark, note that if techniques were marked up as
proposed in my earlier message there would also be advantages of
validation. For instance:

<or successcriterion="URI"><technique> [...] </technique></or>
where the second disjunct is missing, would fail to validate, assuming
proper design of the schema.

An alternative to the approach which I have outlined would be to have
a parent container element referring to the success criterion, with
either a single technique, or an AND or OR element as child; or one
could treat conjunction (AND) as the default if multiple TECHNIQUE
elements occur as direct descendents of the CRITERION element.
Doubtless there are other solutions that might be proposed, offering a
similar level of semantic specificity.

Received on Wednesday, 29 January 2003 05:11:57 UTC