Re: 4.1 newest version -- resubmitted

About the latest version of 4.1: very good job, Avi. Just one buzz in my
head... :)

From: "Avi Arditti"
> You meet Checkpoint 4.1 at the Minimum Level if you review the content
> with items such as these in mind:
> 6. care in the use of all-capital letters where normal sentence case
> might increase comprehension

Should this be 'readability' or comprehension? Yes, comprehension is
improved by readability, but capitalizing reduce readability first. Or,
better, the recognizability of letters... it's an ininfluent issue, just
a my post-coffee mumble? ;-)

Very good, anyway.

Maurizio Boscarol

Received on Tuesday, 11 March 2003 05:01:42 UTC