RE: Tabindex

> 1. Those elements that support the tabindex attribute and assign a
> positive value to it are navigated first.
> "0" is not a positive number.

Evidently. Any number theorists in the house?

> That would typically be true, but there are still issues when setting
> the first element to a tabindex="0".

One would only do that if one wanted the element to receive tabbing
in no special way save for its order of appearance in the text.

tabindex="0" is useful. You could add a tabindex value to every <a>
element on the page. The ones you wanted people to navigate through
in a specific order you could assign a positive value to. The others
get 0. But you're consistent in that all the <a>s have a tabindex. I
could imagine this would be an issue of authoring tools more than

> Navigation does not start.  I've
> tested this numerous times and validators do find the tabindex="0" as an
> error.

Evidently the validator is in error.

> Tabindex="0" does get ignored.

It shouldn't be.


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Received on Monday, 24 March 2003 21:00:44 UTC