Re: acronym in title...

Yes John,
but he requests for this example:

"<title>Home Page - Spiegazioni della direttiva WCAG del
World Wide Web Consortium</title>"

if you use in <title> Acronym and Abbr, this text is shown in the title

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If the principal language of the document is Italian, then set the LANG
attribute of the HTML element to Italian, thus:

<HTML lang="it">

Then, to identify an English-language phrase, use the LANG attribute
with the <span> attribute:

<span lang="en">I'm an English phrase!</span>

You can test this using IBM's Home Page Reader 3.02, which changes
dictionaries on the fly.

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I forward the question of an IWA member:

I have a small issue that I am hoping you can help me with.  I am trying
to create web pages with the new standard XTML, following the rules for
accessibility set down by WCAG and Internationalizations..

1) Example: "<title>Home Page - Spiegazioni della direttiva WCAG del
World Wide Web Consortium</title>"
    On this example there is a mix of english words and italian words
because the page is wrote in italian language and is related to argument
that could not be translated in italian. I can understand that I can use
"Pagina Principale" instead of "Home Page" even if is not so nice, but I
should use <acronym> for WCAG and english spelling for "World Wide Web
Consortium". I repeat this is only an example but the concept is: how
can I switch language or how can I show acronyms inside "string"

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