[job] Web Accessibility Specialist for Europe

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Promote accessibility of the Web for people with disabilities. Conduct
outreach activities for the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web
Accessibility Initiative (WAI) in Europe. Develop outreach materials in
coordination with WAI Working Groups; provide training on design of
accessible Web sites, and on evaluation of conformance to the Web Content
Accessibility Guidelines; train and coordinate teams of reviewers of Web
site accessibility; serve as a liaison to standards organizations and
promote harmonization of standards for Web accessibility in Europe;
coordinate Working Group meetings and training sessions on Web
accessibility; provide technical assistance on implementation of Web
accessibility guidelines; compose and disseminate electronic mailings on Web
accessibility; help maintain WAI Web site.

Excellent communication skills (writing, speaking) in English, including
presentation skills; other European languages a plus. In-depth knowledge of
Web accessibility including the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines; Web
authoring tools; the Web industry in Europe; and policies relating to Web
accessibility in Europe. Familiarity with W3C; Authoring Tool Accessibility
Guidelines; User Agent Accessibility Guidelines; assistive technologies; and
disability communities in Europe. Experience working internationally and in
team settings. Availability for travel.

To Apply
Send resume and cover letter (in HTML or plain text) to Daniel Dardailler

Received on Saturday, 25 January 2003 15:49:59 UTC