Re: character Input -- Checkpoint 2.1 (revisions from Jan 8 Telecon)

Gregg Vanderheiden wrote:
> 1) Good summary Jason.

Yes, thank you Jason. :)

> 3) I don't think we should coin a new term. It will only lead to confusion.
> And "jargon" violates our rules unless it is not possible to avoid.

I just thought about non-english peoples who could find this term a
little bit confusing (they speak and write english, but they aren't
english native). Often they feedback me this.

> 'All functionality achievable through character input" 
>    --  Where "Character input" is defined as "Unicode characters and
> standard cursor movement and data entry controls,   (i.e. tab, shift tab,
> enter, 4 arrowkeys, escape, backspace, & delete).

I think this kind of description is better than older, more intuitive.

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