Techniques telecon confirmed

We're a go to meet by teleconference tomorrow, January 8, from 15:00 to
16:30 UTC (10:00am to 11:30am US Eastern/7:00am to 8:30am US Pacific). The
conference information is:

Passcode 9224

This meeting will be to discuss the Techniques requirements draft that was
sent around on January 2. Mainly I expect we will raise issues, some of
which has already been done on the list. We may be able to resolve some
issues as well, but more importantly I'd like us to arrive at changes to the
document we'd like to see (including logging issues as open) before posting
it as a public draft. There may be issues of process for us to discuss, some
of which we can discuss in this call and some of which may need to defer to
a whole-group call.


Michael Cooper
Accessibility Project Manager
1 Hines Rd
Kanata, ON  K2K 3C7
+1 613 599 3888 x4019

Received on Tuesday, 7 January 2003 15:56:14 UTC