Re: 4.1 newest version -- resubmitted

Hi Maurizio,

I think "readability" does sound better than "care." How about this
rewrite of Level 1/Item 6:

6. readability of all-capital letters when used where normal sentence
case might increase comprehension. 

Please send me some of that real Italian coffee you're drinking!


Maurizio Boscarol wrote:
> From: "Avi Arditti"
> > You meet Checkpoint 4.1 at the Minimum Level if you review the content
> > with items such as these in mind:
> (..)
> > 6. care in the use of all-capital letters where normal sentence case
> > might increase comprehension
> Should this be 'readability' or comprehension? Yes, comprehension is
> improved by readability, but capitalizing reduce readability first. Or,
> better, the recognizability of letters... it's an ininfluent issue, just
> a my post-coffee mumble? ;-)

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