[techs] Techniques Requirements v0.5

Attached is the Techniques Requirements updated to reflect the discussion on
January 23, we'll get it posted to the same URL as the previous drafts soon.
I believe this incorporates all the resolutions from the discussion on
Thursday. Thank you everyone for the productive meeting, I think this
document is in much better shape now.

According to our plan, this document is open for review until Tuesday,
January 28. At that time if we don't receive any serious concerns we will
begin the process of publishing the document to TR as a Working Draft. This
will allow us to set the Requirements aside and begin working on the next
stage of Techniques development.

Beyond substance comments, I also welcome editorial comments. If I get
energized I may make some editorial changes, such as making consistent the
use of "will", "shall", "must", etc. I promise not to intentionally change
substance and if I do make these changes I will distribute the revised
version on Monday so there's a brief time to catch any issues created. If
you prefer that we not take the risk of making editorial changes on this
short timeline, please let me know.


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Accessibility Project Manager
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Received on Friday, 24 January 2003 09:37:39 UTC