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with my i18n IG hat (rarely worn I notice) on I think this makes good sense.

I would also suggest that this follows from the requirement in XML
Accessibility Guidelines to have equivalent alternatives in a way which are
flexible (checkpoints 1.1 and 1.2) -



On Thu, 13 Mar 2003, Richard Ishida wrote:

>Dear I18N IG and GEO TF,
>Please see the attached note for a real-life instance of a person
>wanting to apply markup (span and abbr) within the <title> element.
>(This element only supports PCDATA in HTML4.01 and XHTML2.0). The need
>below is raised due to accessibility concerns. There may also be
>requirements to apply other phrasal markup, for example a span to
>support bidi attributes in Arabic and Hebrew contexts.  I'd like to
>propose that the HTML group introduce support for phrasal markup in the
>title element in XHTML 2.0 (I assume it's too late for HTML 4.01).
>We can also make this request more generic.  In a recent paper I argued
>that dtd designers should avoid putting ANY localisable text into
>attributes where possible.  An example of this is the alt attribute in
>HTML 4.01.  The text in alt sometimes needs span or bdo elements to
>support bidirectionality or language changes (particularly for voice
>browsers).  In principle other phrasal tags could be useful too, such as
>em.  To assist localisation it would also be very useful to be able to
>attach an id to the alt text.  (In DTDs I design myself, I have used an
>image element that includes separate graphic and alt elements to get
>around this.)
>Although it perhaps presents a somewhat more difficult case, the title
>attribute calls for the same treatment.  In addition, it is quite
>possible that the title text is in a different language to the text in
>the element to which it is attached.  How do you make that clear if the
>title text is in an attribute?
>So I'm proposing that we ask the HTML group to consider:
>1.	allowing phrasal markup on the title element for XHTML2
>2.	avoiding the use of attributes containing localisable text
>wherever feasible
>Comments? Thoughts?
>Richard Ishida
>tel: +44 1753 480 292
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>I forward the question of an IWA member:
>I have a small issue that I am hoping you can help me with.  I am trying
>to create web pages with the new standard XTML, following the rules for
>accessibility set down by WCAG and Internationalizations..
>1) Example: "<title>Home Page - Spiegazioni della direttiva WCAG del
>World Wide Web Consortium</title>"
>    On this example there is a mix of english words and italian words
>because the page is wrote in italian language and is related to argument
>that could not be translated in italian. I can understand that I can use
>"Pagina Principale" instead of "Home Page" even if is not so nice, but I
>should use <acronym> for WCAG and english spelling for "World Wide Web
>Consortium". I repeat this is only an example but the concept is: how
>can I switch language or how can I show acronyms inside "string"

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