RE: checkpoint 2.1 Ensure that all of the functionality of the content is operable through character input to the content or user agent.

I concur with Jason's assessment.  I was drafting my own similar comment
when I read his so I will not post it.

But a couple specific answers to questions raised -- that back up Jason's

1 - I think that Earl Johnson's suggestion has merit - for the reason's he
stated. His suggestion was:
"content uses only event handlers that are designed so that, at a minimum,
they are operable through character input."

 2 - We should not mention keyboard emulation (except perhaps
parenthetically after keyboard such as  ....keyboard (and emulated
keyboards). )      No one really know what "Keyboard emulation"  is --- AND
it means "acting exactly like a keyboard so that it is impossible to tell
that you are not using the keyboard".    If you are Keyboard accessible you
are by definition accessible by Keyboard emulation.   So it is not necessary
and it would in fact actually be redundant with Keyboard accessible.  


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