Re: TR Checkpoint 5.4 - User Interfaces

After read the document of lee, here are my suggestion.

You will have successfully met Checkpoint 5.4 at the Minimum Level if:

1. any application with custom user interfaces conform at least Level A of
the User Agent Accessibility  <> Guidelines 1.0.
If the application cannot be made accessibile, an alternative accessible
solution that grant interaction by keyboard or keyboard emulator input must
be provided.

You will have successfully met Checkpoint 5.4 at Level 2 if:

1. the interface has been tested with real people with disabilities who use
assistive technologies or using one or more assistive technologies or at
least with assistive tecnologies emulators to determine that all the
information can be accessed by people with assistive tecnologies.

Received on Sunday, 26 January 2003 15:11:48 UTC