Checkpoint 5.2

(via Andi Snow-Weaver), 29 Oct 2002
Minimum success criteria 

*	Item 2 needs to be clarified. If I declare that scripts and
style sheets are part of my baseline, are they above it or below it?
Perhaps this can be clarified by expanding the example.
*	the term "technology" needs to be defined along with adding and
defining "platform"
*	does the baseline include platform, language? i.e. what are the
user agent requirements that need to be documented? could be useful in
documenting the "configuration" that is accessible
*	the success criteria really have nothing to do with designing
for backward compatibility 

*	Level 1 is "declaring" your configuration.
*	Level 2 is testing your baseline.
*	Level 3 is that it works in a text only browser.

(via Audrey Weinland), 31 Oct 2002 

*	This point seems focused only on the general public user
community. But what about the user community for certain products?
Shouldn't a company like ours be allowed to decide ourselves if we want
our products to be backwards compatible? If backwards compatibility
becomes regulated, it would limit companies' ability to sell upgrades to
existing customers.
*	minimum level #1: How far backwards-compatible is far enough?
Who determines that? How do you measure that? Should you force people
not to use Flash at all, for example, even if they provide an accessible

The issues IBM and SAP bring up have been clarified in the Internal
Draft [1].
Lee Roberts
Rose Rock Design, Inc.
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