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[techs] Summary of February 26 2003 teleconference

From: Michael Cooper <michaelc@watchfire.com>
Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2003 08:37:11 -0500
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Here is a summary of the discussion at the February 26 2003 Techniques
teleconference. Reminder: There will be no meeting on March 5 due to the
Technical Plenary. We will resume on March 12.

We began by continuing the discussion of text equivalents in HTML, and
proposed a possible way to recommend use of "alt", "title", and "longdesc":

	* "alt" is a mandatory text equivalent for <img> that should always
be present
	* "title" is supplementary textual information on most elements
	* "longdesc" is preferred over "title" as supplemental text
equivalent for <img> (i.e., we don't recommend "title" for <img> although it
is generally recommended elsewhere)

There are User Agent issues with "alt" and "title" used together that need
further exploration and may affect the recommendations presented above.

Next we discussed definitions of "long documents" and "major sections" from
the guidelines:

	* We need these terms to be defined in WCAG
	* General discussion of what they could mean, and examples of
difficulties in arriving at a general meaning
	* Considered how and when paragraphs, headings, and lists should be
used to meet these requirements
	* Propose that "content" replace "document" since "document" is very
hard to define

We tabled other agenda items. 

Action Item: Everyone - Look for examples of sites that do and do not
organize themselves into "major sections" and keep themselves from being
"long documents". In the meeting we considered Yahoo, Amazon, and EBay, it
was quite instructive. It would be good to review sites from different

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