[techs] Request for high-priority HTML technique issues

Wendy and I discussed today how to start work on the HTML techniques for
WCAG 2.0, as a first step toward working on multiple technology specific
techniques. There will be discussion of this at next Wednesday's Techniques
teleconference, and this will be and important part of the agenda for the
Technical Plenary on March 4. 

We request that members of this list compile your top three HTML techniques
that you would like to have us create or clarify in the new HTML techniques
draft. This will give us material to work on as we develop structure and
content and will help us to understand the issues that we will need to

To avoid clogging the list you may respond to me privately if you wish. At
this time the goal is not to start debates about particular techniques, that
will happen in the future. Right now we just want to get an idea of what
people think and have some material with which to begin.

Please send your thoughts by Tuesday, February 18 if you can. Thanks -


Michael Cooper
Accessibility Project Manager
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Received on Friday, 14 February 2003 18:12:46 UTC