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Gregg Vanderheiden writes:
 > I think the following items should be resolved prior to posting to TR.   

Gregg, Michael and I discussed these issues off-list to clarify some
of the points. The following conclusions were reached:

1. Gregg's issues concerning core techniques, checklist generation
   etc., highlighted a confusion in our techniques requirements.
   Specifically, the requirements as currently written fail to
   distinguish clearly between (1) XML source files in which
   techniques are written; and (2) the generated, output documents,
   including ctechniques documents and checklists, which are read by
   the end-user and derived automatically from the XML source files.

For example, we might decide to maintain core techniques, HTML
techniques and CSS techniques in separate XML "documents". We could
then generate combined core+HTML techniques documents and checklists, or
combined core+HTML+CSS techniques documents and checklists from these

This is exactly the strategy that has always been intended; the
problem, however, is that it isn't made sufficiently clear in our
requirements document and could readily lead to confusion.

2. Michael offered to propose changes to the requirements document
   intended to (1) clarify this ambiguity, and (2) incorporate the
   various other clarifications suggested by Gregg in his comments.

There will doubtless be an opportunity to discuss any residual issues
at today's Techniques teleconference, and again at this week's
working group teleconference on Thursday.

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