RE: Conformance Claims and Logo

I understand where people are trying to go with the suggestions on
conformance with third-party issues, but I have a concern that may not
be addresses as yet.

If we pull information from a news source into a well conforming site,
regardless of it being a stock trading site or some other site with news
or someone else's information, can I state that the information provided
by **source** is not considered an element under our control?  (sorry
for the long question)  We have the choice of whose service we are going
to use.  Some services are not accessible, while others are accessible.
Typically these services are provided using a various set of methods
including XML.  With the XML we could create an accessible version of
that information being pulled from a service or source.

If no service or source is available that provides the information in an
accessible manner, then we should definitely identify some where on the
page prior to reaching that information that it may not be accessible to
all interested parties.  Especially if the information is "live data
feeds" like stock tickers.

If the information is from a "live data feed" there may not be a way to
manipulate the data into an accessible format.

Third-party software that creates an interface, of course, should follow
the rules for accessible API's, but as Roberto points out this may not
be available.  Definitely, we should require a link to an accessible
version prior to reaching the inaccessible version.  I'd hate to see
someone click on a link to an application that is not accessible only to
find out they can't even get to the accessible version because the
accessible version link is buried at the bottom of the page where they
can't reach it.


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Historical and Third Party Copyrighted Materials

Materials which were not developed by or for the entity sponsoring the
site and whose development was not under the control of the entity
sponsoring the site are not required to meet these guidelines in order
for a site to meet the guidelines.  These items would be considered
commodities or products delivered by the site rather than being part of
the site.

Sorry... but, for example, if i insert inside a well-conformed web site
an application with code generated by a package (or, for example, a Java
application) that is copyrighted and not accessible, with this claim i
can define "accessible" my web site?

I think that we need that we need to define in some part of the
guidelines (a checkpoint?) that: "An equivalent version of the materials
which were not developed by or for the entity sponsoring the site and
whose development was not under the control of the entity sponsoring the
site must be available for use the logo for the level reached."

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