Thursday, 27 February, 2100 UTC (4 PM US Eastern, 10 PM France, 8 AM
Eastern Australia) on +1-617-761-6200, passcode 9224.

The context of this meeting is the resolution of issues required to be
closed, or at least considered, before the publication of the next
WCAG draft.

The following have been raised on the list recently:

Checkpoint 2.1:

Comments on checkpoint 1.5:

Checkpint 5.4:

Checkpoint 5.3:

Checkpoint 5.2:

Checkpoint 5.1:

Action items and issues from last week's meeting are also open for
discussion, if desired.

In considering last week's meeting, Wendy has posed a number of 
questions. Quoting Wendy:

Last week we discussed issues with scope and several questions were 
asked.  Perhaps this week we can try to answer some of those questions:
- where does the claim reside?
- claim on home page and separate claims on other pages?
- if do one thing more than level 1, can claim level 1+. do you have to say 
exactly what you've done?
- if only do that one extra thing, and keep updating site, will you keep 
updating conformance claim?
- how are people using claims? do people read them?
- aside from a logo, how many sites will want to take the effort to create 
a conformance statement?

Also, questions from Gregg's proposal [1]
1. "Materials which were not developed by or for the entity sponsoring the site
and whose development was not under the control of the entity sponsoring the
site are not required to meet these guidelines in order for a site to meet
the guidelines.  These items would be considered commodities or products
delivered by the site rather than being part of the site."

2. If we allow a claim to specify scope, we need to set some rules.  What 
if the claim  is WCAG 2.0  2+ but only applies to the home and product 
description pages but
not any of the order form pages?  The current logo use page says, "By 
default, a conformance icon refers to a single page. If the claim is meant 
to apply to include more than one page, the conformance icon must be 
accompanied by explicit scope
information explaining which pages are covered by the claim." Does that 
cover it?

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