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[Place all 'localisable' i.e. natural language text in elements, not 

The PF history here is that lately we have been arguing for the SVG model over
the HTML model for this reason.  We just haven't got HTML to absorb the SVG
model in this regard yet.

HOWEVER, just what the structures should be is not necessarily given a 
final answer
in the svg:title svg:desc pair of element types.  This is related to the thread
about "Should a browser use the ALT string as a tooltip?" running on the UA 

It's a genuine issue, the accessibility concerns are sympathetic with what 
has suggested, but we still need a well-formed process to reduce this to 
in the XHTML 2.0 specification.


>Dear I18N IG and GEO TF,
>Please see the attached note for a real-life instance of a person
>wanting to apply markup (span and abbr) within the <title> element.
>(This element only supports PCDATA in HTML4.01 and XHTML2.0). The need
>below is raised due to accessibility concerns. There may also be
>requirements to apply other phrasal markup, for example a span to
>support bidi attributes in Arabic and Hebrew contexts.  I'd like to
>propose that the HTML group introduce support for phrasal markup in the
>title element in XHTML 2.0 (I assume it's too late for HTML 4.01).
>We can also make this request more generic.  In a recent paper I argued
>that dtd designers should avoid putting ANY localisable text into
>attributes where possible.  An example of this is the alt attribute in
>HTML 4.01.  The text in alt sometimes needs span or bdo elements to
>support bidirectionality or language changes (particularly for voice
>browsers).  In principle other phrasal tags could be useful too, such as
>em.  To assist localisation it would also be very useful to be able to
>attach an id to the alt text.  (In DTDs I design myself, I have used an
>image element that includes separate graphic and alt elements to get
>around this.)
>Although it perhaps presents a somewhat more difficult case, the title
>attribute calls for the same treatment.  In addition, it is quite
>possible that the title text is in a different language to the text in
>the element to which it is attached.  How do you make that clear if the
>title text is in an attribute?
>So I'm proposing that we ask the HTML group to consider:
>1.      allowing phrasal markup on the title element for XHTML2
>2.      avoiding the use of attributes containing localisable text
>wherever feasible
>Comments? Thoughts?
>Richard Ishida
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>I forward the question of an IWA member:
>I have a small issue that I am hoping you can help me with.  I am trying
>to create web pages with the new standard XTML, following the rules for
>accessibility set down by WCAG and Internationalizations..
>1) Example: "<title>Home Page - Spiegazioni della direttiva WCAG del
>World Wide Web Consortium</title>"
>     On this example there is a mix of english words and italian words
>because the page is wrote in italian language and is related to argument
>that could not be translated in italian. I can understand that I can use
>"Pagina Principale" instead of "Home Page" even if is not so nice, but I
>should use <acronym> for WCAG and english spelling for "World Wide Web
>Consortium". I repeat this is only an example but the concept is: how
>can I switch language or how can I show acronyms inside "string"

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