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I'm not sure I understand.

How does  RDF or RSS allow you to post inaccessible docs on your site for
download (so you can sell them for example) and still meet the guidelines?

RDF and RSS, as told by JW let the user to receipt contents from another web
site and, with "server side script" the text could be "purified".

I show an example:

After the first half of the page there are paragraphs with "Articoli dal
sito... ": these are titles and little abstract of articles posted in
another web site.

Another example: this is an article from an our partner:

The content of the article is also available by a RSS modified version:

catching the content of "<testo>" is possibile to show it and replace
charset, etc. inside another web site like this:

This is a two kind of examples. Another example also could be done for .PDF
files for make them accessibile:

So... at least, we need to involve companies to create an alternative
version of their tools for accessibility for let their customers to reach
the claim. For this we have also the "support" of the national laws that are
endorsing the WCAG guidelines...

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