Re: Tabindex

> Proposal:
> Tabindex can include any number 0 through 9 and may not exceed 32767.  A
> tabindex of 0 should never be used because the 0 is read as a leading 0
> as in 03 or 0340.  Therefore a tabindex="0" would be understood as
> tabindex="" where a tabindex="03" would be understood as tabindex="3".

That is not what the spec says. tabindex="0" is explicitly permitted
as a legal value.

    2. Those elements that do not support the tabindex
attribute or support it and assign it a value of "0" are navigated
next.  These elements are navigated in the order they appear in the
character stream.

The spec also states "User agents should ignore leading zeros."
tabindex="0" does not constitute a leading zero. It isn't leading


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Received on Monday, 24 March 2003 20:32:38 UTC