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Context for p:option Norman Walsh (Thursday, 31 May)

XProc meeting CANCELLED 31 May 2007 Norman Walsh (Wednesday, 30 May)

Low hanging fruit? Norman Walsh (Wednesday, 30 May)

Option syntax Jeni Tennison (Sunday, 27 May)

p:equals proposal Innovimax SARL (Saturday, 26 May)

!result in components Innovimax SARL (Saturday, 26 May)

Allow unknown steps? Norman Walsh (Friday, 25 May)

Replace p:episode with p:system-property Norman Walsh (Friday, 25 May)

Another ('nother) parameters proposal Norman Walsh (Friday, 25 May)

Radical Parameters Proposal Alex Milowski (Thursday, 24 May)

Making progress Norman Walsh (Thursday, 24 May)

p:head and p:tail Innovimax SARL (Thursday, 24 May)

XProc Meeting Minutes 24 May 2007 Norman Walsh (Thursday, 24 May)

can we have last() having a consistent value ? Innovimax SARL (Thursday, 24 May)

'Protection' from parameter 'polution' Henry S. Thompson (Thursday, 24 May)

Error codes Richard Tobin (Thursday, 24 May)

Order of input/output/.../iteration-source/viewport-source/xpath-context Norman Walsh (Thursday, 24 May)

Propose to add 'group-by' option to p:wrap and p:wrap-sequence Henry S. Thompson (Thursday, 24 May)

Test Suite Innovimax SARL (Thursday, 24 May)

Extension functions Norman Walsh (Wednesday, 23 May)

position vs index Norman Walsh (Wednesday, 23 May)

XProc Agenda 24 May 2007 Norman Walsh (Wednesday, 23 May)

Is this valid ? (was: Cardinality of inputs & outputs) Innovimax SARL (Wednesday, 23 May)

p:count Innovimax SARL (Wednesday, 23 May)

Open Step Library Issues as of 5/22/2007 Alex Milowski (Tuesday, 22 May)

Spec Changes Implemented Alex Milowski (Tuesday, 22 May)

Types for Option Values Alex Milowski (Tuesday, 22 May)

Default Option Values Alex Milowski (Tuesday, 22 May)

Version attribute on pipeline Alessandro Vernet (Tuesday, 22 May)

Cardinality of inputs & outputs Jeni Tennison (Tuesday, 22 May)

Alternate "parameters" draft Norman Walsh (Tuesday, 22 May)

One or more... Erik Bruchez (Monday, 21 May)

select in for-each and iteration-source Innovimax SARL (Sunday, 20 May)

Base uri of the documents on the 'current' port Norman Walsh (Saturday, 19 May)

XProc Minutes 17 May 2007 Alex Milowski (Thursday, 17 May)

Minutes for XML Proc WG telcon of 2007 May 17 Grosso, Paul (Thursday, 17 May)

Access to base URIs Norman Walsh (Wednesday, 16 May)

Serialization and Escape Markup Alex Milowski (Wednesday, 16 May)

Parsing HTML Alex Milowski (Wednesday, 16 May)

XProc Agenda 17 May 2007 Norman Walsh (Wednesday, 16 May)

p:http-request Norman Walsh (Wednesday, 16 May)

What can a step implementation ask the pipeline processor? Norman Walsh (Wednesday, 16 May)

Serialization Analysis and Proposal Alex Milowski (Tuesday, 15 May)

Default pipeline filename Norman Walsh (Tuesday, 15 May)

Open Step Library Issues Alex Milowski (Tuesday, 15 May)

Renaming p:xslt ? Alex Milowski (Monday, 14 May)

Parameters redux Norman Walsh (Monday, 14 May)

State variable test Norman Walsh (Friday, 11 May)

Here's a tricky one Norman Walsh (Friday, 11 May)

New static error: options in the XProc namespace Norman Walsh (Friday, 11 May)

Syntactic sugar for options: a failed experiment? Norman Walsh (Friday, 11 May)

Wrapping a sequence Norman Walsh (Friday, 11 May)

New draft with 10 May decisions Norman Walsh (Thursday, 10 May)

Spec Updated - http-request & vocabulary Alex Milowski (Thursday, 10 May)

XProc Agenda 10 May 2007 Norman Walsh (Wednesday, 9 May)

Empty compound steps Norman Walsh (Tuesday, 8 May)

Updated color coding Norman Walsh (Tuesday, 8 May)

Fixed Windows use case Innovimax SARL (Monday, 7 May)

Optional options Norman Walsh (Monday, 7 May)

unescaping markup Norman Walsh (Monday, 7 May)

http-request Norman Walsh (Sunday, 6 May)

Multiple c:body elements in c:entity Norman Walsh (Sunday, 6 May)

The 'secondary' output on the XSLT 1.0 step Norman Walsh (Sunday, 6 May)

Pipelines that change attributes Jeni Tennison (Saturday, 5 May)

References Innovimax SARL (Saturday, 5 May)

Label and ID stuff Innovimax SARL (Saturday, 5 May)

p:load and p:document Innovimax SARL (Saturday, 5 May)

What do an empty document mean ? Innovimax SARL (Saturday, 5 May)

Dealing with sequences on p:journal Norman Walsh (Friday, 4 May)

Overview pages in the test suite Norman Walsh (Thursday, 3 May)

New draft with the decisions of 3 May 2007 Norman Walsh (Thursday, 3 May)

XProc Agenda 3 May 2007 Norman Walsh (Thursday, 3 May)

Pipeline state variables to expose Henry S. Thompson (Thursday, 3 May)

Re: Binding outputs Henry S. Thompson (Thursday, 3 May)

Providing for journalling of intermediate document (streams) Henry S. Thompson (Thursday, 3 May)

Example in 4.2 For-each Henry S. Thompson (Thursday, 3 May)

XProc Agenda 3 May 2007 Norman Walsh (Wednesday, 2 May)

base uri Innovimax SARL (Tuesday, 1 May)

Behaviour of non availability of Optional Step Innovimax SARL (Tuesday, 1 May)

Optional FO Formatter --> add SVG and MathML serializer Innovimax SARL (Tuesday, 1 May)

$p:position available everywhere Innovimax SARL (Tuesday, 1 May)

Options or parameters Norman Walsh (Tuesday, 1 May)

Case where well formed ness could fly away Innovimax SARL (Tuesday, 1 May)

Escaped markup Innovimax SARL (Tuesday, 1 May)

Comparing p:delete and p:viewport Innovimax SARL (Tuesday, 1 May)

Error Inconsistencies Innovimax SARL (Tuesday, 1 May)

Re: non-matched output port Innovimax SARL (Tuesday, 1 May)

Re: Other steps Alex Milowski (Tuesday, 1 May)

Re: Make p:http-request required? Alex Milowski (Tuesday, 1 May)

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