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[ANN] RDFa On Rails 0.0.8

[Proposal] ISSUE-42: How does RDFa deal with @src

[RDFa TC] RDFa Test Runner update

[RDFa TC] Review and Approval of XHTML Test Case partition

[RDFa] ISSUE-1: reification

[RDFa] ISSUE-28: following your nose to the RDFa specification

[RDFa] ISSUE-29: mime type of RDFa document

[RDFa] ISSUE-2: custom attributes for RDF shorthand

[RDFa] ISSUE-2: custom attributes for RDF shorthand, PROPOSAL for RESOLUTION

[RDFa] ISSUE-3 @class and @role for rdf:type

[RDFa] ISSUE-4: (local) bnode identifiers


[RDFa] Meeting record: 2007-06-14 RDF-in-XHTML telecon

[RDFa] Proposed resolutions to ISSUE-2, ISSUE-5, ISSUE-25, ISSUE-29, ISSUE-4

Agenda Correction

An Update on RDFa Schedule and Docs

Assuming no call, I send my regrets

at risk/regrets for 14 June

Blank nodes & classes

Doubt about href attribute

Dumb Question


GRDDL, RDFa, and DTDs, Re: Validation Update: success!

ISSUE-25: default datatype for literals

LeeF's comments (again)

Literals and turning off datatype/language

meeting record: 2007-06-21 RDFa Telecon

meeting record: 2007-06-28 RDFa Task Force

News Architecture 1.0 officially adopted by the IPTC

Partial regrets (was Re: RDFa Telecon - Thursday, 1500 UTC, 1100 Boston)

RDF features covered by RDFa

RDFa at Kendra initiative

RDFa GRDDL profile and permanent URL

RDFa Telecon - Thursday, 1500 UTC, 1100 Boston

Regrets again

regrets for this week

request for profile URI for RDFa

Telecon Agenda - Thursday, 1500 UTC, 1100 Boston

Telecon Agenda - Thursday, 21 June 2007, 1500 UTC

the Creative Commons take on @href everywhere


Validation Update: success!

Violation of XHTML 1.0

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