[ANN] RDFa On Rails 0.0.8

Hi all,

First of all I won't publish the announcement of RDFa On Rails  
releases to all the mailing lists recipient of this mail every time,  
so please subscribe to the RDFa On Rails mailing list :


I just released version 0.0.8, what's new in this version:
	- added support for many vocabularies (rdfs  rdf  dcel  dcterms   
dctypes  sioc  foaf  doap  swrc)
	- added a documentation page for these vocabularies (http:// 
	- refactored the aliases into RDFa on rails shortcuts (such as  
	- added unit testing
	- added a command "rdfa-generate" to compile templates outside rails
	- added a command "rdfa-vocabulary" to fetch vocabulary definitions  
from given namespaces
	- added support for blank nodes

Plans for version 0.0.9
	- act_as_rdfa model extension
	- improve unit testing
	- improve typo blog theme

You can find more information on the project page (http:// 
rdfa.rubyforge.org) which also embeds RDFa :-)

Thanks, please feel free to comment and give feedback on the RDFa On  
Rails mailing list.

Best Regards, CÚdric Mesnage
CÚdric Mesnage
PhD Student

Received on Tuesday, 19 June 2007 16:41:41 UTC