Agenda Correction

I forgot to add Ivan's issue to the list. Here's a revised agenda for



1) Action Items: please review yours!

2) Test Cases
MichaelH on partitioning, what's needed to finish up set of test cases.

3) CURIEs downgraded to QNames for XHTML1.1+RDFa?

the conversation we didn't have time to get to last week

5) Resolving more ISSUES
ISSUE-1: Reification

ISSUE-3: Role Attribute for rdf:type

ISSUE-6: lang attribute
this one requires some discussion, in light of the earlier issue
comments and the latest email:

6) Schedule Reminder: upcoming deadlines

21 June (TODAY!): Approval of most Test Cases (some outstanding)
12 July: Major Syntax Issues Resolved
19 July: RDFa Syntax Editors' Draft

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