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Le 14 juin 2007 à 02:09, Ben Adida a écrit :
> I just noticed that the W3C validator team has added XHTML+RDFa  
> support
> and no longer throws errors on xmlns:* attributes in its beta-version
> validator [1]. I'm guessing both of these things are due in large part
> to Shane, though he may be too humble and busy to admit it :)
> The validator is at:

A related question.
RDFa being not finished not even in last call. I would like to know a  
few things.

* Will the DTD be maintained at each version of RDFa published?
   If yes, please inform
* Will the DTD be published in the next TR/ draft?
* Would it be wise to wait until CR before having the official  
validator supporting this DTD?
   Rationale: Someone creates document, validate them, put a logo of  
validation, and then two months later the document is not anymore  
valid because RDFa has changed.

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