Re: Agenda Correction

Hi Ben,

> I forgot to add Ivan's issue to the list. Here's a revised agenda for
> tomorrow.

Might I respectfully suggest you go back to the first agenda. :)

Last week we agreed a list of issues to discuss and try to resolve,
some of them based on the fact that they were 'quick'. Some of them
have been worked through in some detail on the list, and since these
issues are fresh in our minds, and people have added their vote on the
list, I suggest that we stick with our plan and knock them off now
since we're so close.

Obviously we need to discuss CURIEs and QNames, but I would guess that
the issue will easily swallow our one hour telecon today, which would
mean that the issues we've nearly closed will continue for yet another
week as zombies, not quite dead. And worse, the discussions we've had
about them will begin to recede in our memories.

Or something like that.... ;

(And...sorry to labour the point...but remember as well that the other
reason for getting a handful of issues 'knocked off' was so that we
could update the various documents. If we close a few issues today we
can work them in to the document, and let the CURIEs debate continue
on the list.)

Speak to you later!



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