LeeF's comments (again)

(LeeF, if you're reading this, please see the bottom of the email for a
request to look over the latest version of the RDFa Primer. Thanks!)

I have an action to review Lee's comments from last year, but apparently
I did that already a few months ago and we didn't check off the action:


Copying my summary from that email, I note the following:

> Summary of OPEN ISSUES:
> - encoding of RDF sequences using UL, OL.

I've updated ISSUE-8 to include this question

> - assumed namespaces are not linked to their URIs.

I've created ISSUE-43:

> - what happens to the nodeValue of an HTML node with content=? (rdf:label?)

This is an ACTION on Mark right now:
ACTION: MarkB to work rdf:label back into RDFa syntax when using
@content [recorded in

> - the Dreamhost referral account at http://www.shutr.net needs to be
> checked (who does it benefit? Likely copied-and-pasted from somewhere else.)

working on it.

As for the following:

> Summary of QUESTIONS FOR LeeF (and others):
> - is Section 2.5 clear enough now regarding the copy-and-paste'ability
> being improved by declaring namespaces more locally?
> - is it now clearer how the subject is determined to be <> or a bnode?
> - is Section 4's intro now clearer regarding changing the subject?
> - is the Primer's treatment of bnodes sufficient for a Primer?

Lee, are you out there and can you look over the latest primer?



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