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Apologies (was: PROV-WG Telecon Agenda 08 Sep 2011)

Comments of PROV-DM document (Section 2.1 and 3)

Comments on the current data model

Connection Informal Report and Connection Task Force Monday meeting.

Definition of Entity

Draft agenda 15 Sep tccordination telecon

email to send second questionnaire

Finalizing Connection Task Force Informal Report...Due September 29

formal semantics strawman

FRBR and information resource provenance

Is _this_ what is meant by "Entity"?

Issue 89 - why?

ISSUE-23: Create definition of involve to replace Use

Liaison to W3C Provenance Working Group

links across specs

Meeting minutes 2011-09-01

Meeting minutes 2011-09-08

Meeting minutes 2011-09-29

mercurial changes

name straw poll

named graphs materials

New mailing list: RDF/Prov joint task force

new release of PROV-DM document

News ontology

Primer proposal

Primer skeleton

proposal: drop 'formal model' terminology

proposed name for standard is PROV (deadline September 14th midnight GMT)

PROV-ISSUE-100 (Entity definition): Section 5.2.1 Entity [Conceptual Model]

PROV-ISSUE-101 (Conceptual Model): Section 5.2.2 ProcessExecution (conceptual model document review) [Conceptual Model]

PROV-ISSUE-102 (hadRecipe): Ontology is missing recipe link [Formal Model]

PROV-ISSUE-103 (qualifiers-and-roles): Qualifiers and roles in the ontology [Formal Model]

PROV-ISSUE-104 (time-class): How to relate start/end time to PE, use, generation, etc [Formal Model]

PROV-ISSUE-105: 5.3.1 Generation (current version of the conceptual model document) [Conceptual Model]

PROV-ISSUE-106 (dgarijo): Accounts are missing in the document [Formal Model]

PROV-ISSUE-107 (interoperability-rdf-serialization): is example provenance serialization in RDF inter-operable? [Formal Model]

PROV-ISSUE-29 (mutual-iVP-of): can two bobs be mutually "IVP of" each other [Conceptual Model]

PROV-ISSUE-31 (standard-names): what names do we use to refer to the language, ontology, and access/query methods [Conceptual Model]

PROV-ISSUE-43 (derivation-time): Deriviation should have associated time [Conceptual Model]

PROV-ISSUE-50 (Ordering of Process): Defintion for Ordering of Process [Conceptual Model]

PROV-ISSUE-57 (comment-on-ivp-of): comment on ivp of

PROV-ISSUE-64 (definition-use): definition of use [Conceptual Model]

PROV-ISSUE-65 (domain-specific-info): How is domain specific data combined with the generic model [Conceptual Model]

PROV-ISSUE-69 (Process Execution): Process execution occurs over a "continuous time interval"? [Conceptual Model]

PROV-ISSUE-71 (Conceptual Model draft): Section 3.2 of Conceptual Model draft (Content and Editing) [Conceptual Model]

PROV-ISSUE-73: Use "anchor" context URI instead of introducing a "target" relationship in HTTP [Accessing and Querying Provenance]

PROV-ISSUE-75 (provenance-service-and-provenance-uri): What do we do when we get both provenance service and provenance-uri? [Accessing and Querying Provenance]

PROV-ISSUE-76 (xml-examples): Shouldn't we have proper examples in XML and not RDF/XML [Accessing and Querying Provenance]

PROV-ISSUE-79 (provenance-uri-contract): what is the contract associated with provenance-uris [Accessing and Querying Provenance]

PROV-ISSUE-81 (identity-clash-scope): In a given scope, are entities with same identifier but different attributes legal? [Conceptual Model]

PROV-ISSUE-82 (pidm-event): Should we introduce a notion of event in the data model? [Conceptual Model]

PROV-ISSUE-84 (namespace-for-properties): What should namespace for properties be? [Formal Model]

PROV-ISSUE-85 (What-is-Entity): Definition of Entity is confusing, maybe over-complex [Conceptual Model]

PROV-ISSUE-86 (High-level-overview): The conceptual model needs a high level overview [Conceptual Model]

PROV-ISSUE-87 (Model-concepts-formalism): Formalism used is not explained, not applied to concepts [Conceptual Model]

PROV-ISSUE-88 (Provenance-container): Provenance container seems an unnecessary concept

PROV-ISSUE-89 (what-entity-attributes): How do we find the attributes of an entity? [Formal Model]

PROV-ISSUE-90 (namespace-in-ontology): Namespace used in ontology [Formal Model]

PROV-ISSUE-91 (what-to-define-for-location): what should we define under the heading 'location' [Conceptual Model]

PROV-ISSUE-92 (remove-individuals): Remove example individual from ontology [Formal Model]

PROV-ISSUE-93: wasDerivedFrom is an owl sub-propety of dependedOn [Formal Model]

PROV-ISSUE-94 (pe-attributes): are process executions characterized in the same way as entities? [Conceptual Model]

PROV-ISSUE-95 (Recipes as Classes): Recipes as classes? [Conceptual Model]

PROV-ISSUE-96 (entities and roles): Relating Roled Entities with non-Roled Entities [Conceptual Model]

PROV-ISSUE-97 (TLebo): define prov:wasComplementOf [Formal Model]

PROV-ISSUE-98: add "generated" to conceptual and OWL models [Formal Model]

PROV-ISSUE-99: prov:eventuallyUsed - a transitive version of prov:used. [Formal Model]

PROV-ONT: turtle for ontology examples

PROV-WG Minutes 15 September 2011

PROV-WG Telecon Agenda 08 Sep 2011

PROV-WG Telecon Agenda 15 Sep 2011

PROV-WG Telecon Agenda 22 Sep 2011

PROV-WG Telecon Agenda 22 Sep 2011 (and RDF named graph reqs)

PROV-WG Telecon Agenda 29 Sep 2011

PROV-WG: Minutes of Sept 22 2011

provenance questionnaire, v2

Provenance requirements for RDF named graphs

provenance, authorization, audit trails and licensing

ProvenanceContainer (Re: Workflow Example in Formal Model HTML document)

RDF named graph use case and requirement

RDFWG+ProvWG Joint Meeting about "Graphs" (eg Named Graphs)

Reviewing outstanding issues on PAQ document.

Revised model document


Roles (was: Testing the ontology for expressing workflow provenance)

scribe for this week?

Some thoughts about the revised provenance Model document

Testing the ontology for expressing workflow provenance

Unifying RDF Provenance Use Case: Trust

views, complements and invariants

Workflow Example in Formal Model HTML document

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