RE: PROV-ISSUE-95 (Recipes as Classes): Recipes as classes? [Conceptual Model]

??? Sorry -not sure I understand your comment - I was saying that while PEs are instances of some class (process), I didn't think it could recipe since instances of that class would be files, not PEs. Are you agreeing/disagreeing/re-framing?


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We had discussions earlier about the idea that a PE was an instance of a process which has a recipe and then decided that we could just represent PE hasRecipe R without realizing the process itself in the model. I don't have an opinion about the decision but I bring it up because I think process would be the right thing to be the class for a PE instance, not recipe. One type of instance of a recipe could be a file (text, workflow description, etc.) - a PE wouldn't be an instance of a recipe, but could be an instance of the process the recipe describes.

I think that's where the punning comes in. When treated as an individual, the recipe is the plan. When treated as a class, it is the group of things that conform to that plan.

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