RE: PROV-ISSUE-102 (hadRecipe): Ontology is missing recipe link [Formal Model]

I don't know that it's a big deal, but I think of hadRecipe as potentially very indirect rather than a subclass of used. I'd like to assert that the "software development" PE was intended to satisfy the plan as documented in "Work Breakdown Structure element 2.7" but in a use case like that, it seems a stretch to say the PE used the plan versus that I'm just asserting that the PE was intended to fulfill the plan (perhaps just the selection of this PE versus another one was affected by the plan and, after the selection of the PE, the plan was not directly used to guide it, etc.).


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If we do adopt a hadPlan/hadRecipe property, it should be a subproperty of used. In which case, if the plan/recipe had a class of Recipe/Plan already (this is a role for an entity, by the way), then why do we need anything other than used?

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> I recall a discussion with example as part of ISSUE-95 (now part of formal
> model):
> isn't that thread relevant?
It is marked as relevant, but from the discussion it seems to still
rely on "hadRecipe" to say that a plan existed. Using that plan as a
class as well merely adds information, such as what kind of attributes
you could expect to find, or the hint that it *did* go according to
the plan.

I get the feeling that ISSUE-95 is slightly controversial as it relies
on some OWL2 semantics, but that we are generally positive, however
the formal model as it stands does have a recipe as a simple link, and
I don't think this ISSUE-102 should be controversial or  be much in
conflict with ISSUE-95.

I have therefore put prov:hadRecipe into
- we can then later fill in what that blank resource is if we go for
ISSUE-102 - or remove it if 102 finds a better approach.

We can argue about the name in this thread - recipe/plan, etc..

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