Re: Roles

Hi Luc,

yes, and that was indeed in part my point: if the qualifiers logically "belong" with both sides, then you can't play this game of 
"absorbing" them on one side, can you.  They logically belong where the data and the process meet, i.e., in neither "per se". There 
are bound to be cases like this.


On 9/15/11 6:18 PM, Luc Moreau wrote:
> Hi Paolo,
> I don't understand why, in your example,
> wasGeneratedBy(e1 WITH {port="p1", order=1}, pe1,t1)
> the qualifier {port="p1", order=1}is "linked" with the entity,
> it's also relevant to the pe ... after all, emitting data on port p1.
> Luc

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