Definition of Entity


I'm picking up a small matter here to illustrate things I've said previously.

I notice in ISSUE 89 you say:

"The conceptual model defines an entity in terms of an identifier and a list of 
attribute-value pairs. It is indeed crucial for the asserter to identify the 
attributes that have been frozen in a given entity."

But when I look at, 
this is not what I see.  What I do see is a description of an "Entity assertion" 
that contains a list of attribute pairs, which to my reading is not the same 
thing at all.

This is a part of the problem I have when I say the model document is difficult 
to understand.

(I'm not raising this as an issue, as I've already raised a different issue to 
say I think that an Entity doesn't need to be so complicated.)


Received on Friday, 2 September 2011 11:11:24 UTC